Sunnybrook is a Christian-based, professional family and childcare organization dedicated to providing programs and services designed to support the total development of children and youth while assisting them in realizing their God-given potential.

Residential Homes

Providing Home for Children since 1963

Care is provided in a safe, loving, structured Christian home environment through the ministries of live-in Christian houseparents. Houseparents provide the basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child.

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Sunnybrook Cares

Support for Foster Families + Childcare Advocates  

Through collaboration with churches, Sunnybrook Cares is a unique resource focused on sustaining those caring for children by connecting them to a team of people ready to help with any need.  Our goal is to provide a family for every child and support for every family. 

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Transitional Living Program

Educating + Equipping Young Adults to Achieve Independence

Through the TLP (Transitional Living Program) at Sunnybrook, older youth will be guided to receive opportunities, build personal development plus a strong value system, and accomplish goals towards becoming independent. 

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