Our Ministry

Sunnybrook seeks to serve children by providing a sense of community, promoting social skills, and fostering healing.

As society continues to change, Sunnybrook continues to adapt its services to more fully meet the needs of an ever-increasing world of complexity and challenges children face.  To face these challenges, Sunnybrook’s programs are designed to reflect the circumstances, as well as the demands and needs of children in our care through the following services:

Residential Group Care

Sunnybrook provides Residential Group Care to children and youth.

Care is provided in a safe, loving, structured Christian home environment through the ministries of live-in Christian houseparents. Houseparents provide the basic physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child.

Spiritual Enrichment

Sunnybrook seeks to meet the spiritual needs of each child.  

Needs are met through regular worship service attendance, youth rallies and summer camps, creative activities in the home and community, and home devotions.


As needed, children at Sunnybrook receive counseling from licensed professionals.  

Counseling serves are provided to strengthen children on their journey to emotional and relational healing.  Children at Sunnybrook receive Christ-centered counseling from a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

Social Services

Sunnybrook’s Social Services Department collaborates with each child’s legal guardian.  

During this time we work to identify their unique strengths, abilities and needs through the development of Individual Treatment Plans. Treatment plans are developed to address their biological, psychological, social and educational needs with the ultimate goal of helping the children reach their maximum potential and providing a solid foundation on which they can build a bright and productive future.


Sunnybrook Children are registered with the Madison County School District. 

Sunnybrook’s staff works closely with teachers, counselors, and principals to ensure that educational excellence is maintained in the home and at school. As needed, children receive tutorial services up to three days a week. Our children attend schools within the Madison County Independent School District and we work closely with the teachers to keep educational excellence as a priority. Children who have special academic needs are provided individualized tutorial services.

Independent Living

Older Sunnybrook residents have opportunities to participate in Independent Living classes and camps offered through the state.  

All residents receive continual independent living skills training through their houseparents.  Residents also have the opportunity to participate in Independent Living classes that focus on issues utilizing the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment Program.  Topics such as employment, the value of higher education, money management, time management, and building healthy relationships are discussed.  These issues are of great importance to our children who are transitioning from the group home environment into an independent living situation.

Home Life

"A hundred years from now, the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child." — Author Unknown

On any given day, you can hear laughter, see tears, watch kids excitedly race to the playground, catch the sound of skate boards zipping down the street and smell a delicious meal prepared for all to share family-style around a large dining room table. There are ongoing art projects, coloring contests, and movie nights in each home and, of course, homework during the school year.

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Sunnybrook Cares

Sunnybrook Cares provides support and encouragement for foster and adoptive families as well as childcare advocates.  

Through collaboration with churches, Sunnybrook Cares is a unique resource focused on sustaining those caring for children by connecting them to a team of people ready to help with any need.  Our goal is to provide a family for every child and support for every family. 

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Shea Carter, Coordinator of Sunnybrook Cares

Transitional Living Program

Educating and equipping young adults to achieve independence

Through the TLP (Transitional Living Program) at Sunnybrook, older youth will be guided to receive opportunities, build personal development plus a strong value system, and accomplish goals towards becoming independent.