Home Life at Sunnybrook

"A hundred years from now, the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child." —author unknown

On any given day...

You can hear laughter, see tears, watch kids excitedly race to the playground, catch the sound of skate boards zipping down the street and smell a delicious meal prepared for all to share family-style around a large dining room table. There are ongoing art projects, coloring contests, movie nights in each home and, of course, homework when school is in session. Lazy summer days find kids making crafts, packing to go to camp and looking forward to Sunnybrook's annual vacation

Birthdays are extra fun..

Celebrated with a cake and the child's favorite meal enjoyed either at home or a local eatery. A trip to the Birthday Room to pick out a couple of special presents is an added treat. The emotion that wells up in all of us is never a surprise when a child has to ask why birthday gifts are received when none have ever been given before becoming part of the Sunnybrook Family.

The tender moments in the lives of children...

  • "Cheering a child on" at his sports game at school
  • Hearing a child encouraging his younger sibling in a new way
  • Sensing that a child feels safe at home for the first time
  • Noticing the light in a child's eyes as she begins to process the love of God 

Every season of the year finds pleasure and challenge in the simple, as well as the complex, issues in the lives of our children. 

We celebrate and are grateful for the opportunity of ministry to the children who come our way and need us. You see—Sunnybrook was born out of a love for children and a desire to provide a safe, caring environment that mirrors a traditional family for children who have been abused or neglected

Sunnybrook Children's Home has four primary houses with a capacity for eight children per house. 

Since the child's home life is the most critical ingredient, Sunnybrook Children's Home utilizes the houseparent model of care. Houseparents serve as positive role models, set clear and consistent expectations and provide each child with a Christian family environment where each child is nurtured, supervised and instructed. There is no substitute for the valuable lessons taught and learned at home