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As a Christian ministry-based, professional childcare organization, Sunnybrook proudly continues its mission to help society's children who have had challenging beginnings in their young lives. The programs and services offered are designed to provide a sense of community, promote social skills, foster healing and reconciliation of the past. The campus itself can be a source of inspiration for kids of all ages.

Sunnybrook Children's Home is located on the sunny side of Sunnybrook Road in the heart of the City of Ridgeland, Mississippi. Kids who live at Sunnybrook have the benefit of being tucked into residential homes with a feeling of country life, amid towering oak trees all around the campus. There are vast expanses for playing, cycling, picnicking, walking and jogging. An outdoor park equipped with all things fun is a favorite of our younger children. The kids who play basketball, baseball and tennis enjoy the gymnasium, baseball field and tennis courts respectively.

Sunnybrook Children's Home Administration Building is positioned on an east/west axis. Every morning the sun gloriously rises over Sunnybrook, and the evening sky is ablaze as the sun sinks deep into the western horizon.

In addition to the Ridgeland Campus, the Sunnybrook Ranch is located on Highway 22, Flora, Mississippi. Registered cattle are raised on the ranch to provide show calves for the 4-H Club members.

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